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In Store Donuts come in a 6 pack of the same variety. We currently do not sell variety packs.  Donut varieties and designs may vary.

Paczki are only available during the entire month leading up to Fat Tuesday. 

Our Donuts are what we are best known for! We like to keep the most popular flavors, but we also love to get creative and try our hand and different flavors too! 

Did you know our Donuts can also be found at the following Cider Mills in Michigan: Yates, Yates Canterbury, Franklin, Spicers, Westview,  Blakes (All Locations), Plymouth Apple Orchards, Baynes Apple Valley, Almar Orchards, Diehl's Orchard, Porters Orchard, Ruggles Ranch and Farm, Muellers Orchard, The Property Farms and McCallum's Orchard, and Big Red Orchard. 

We can also be found at Bakehouse 46 and Little Mustard Seed Cafe!

Cider Mill Donuts are packaged at our facility in a 2 pack bag, and are given to you just like that in order to avoid any cross contamination. 


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